Bryan Ingram - Sales Agent / Agent Development

(615) 585-2008

Bryan Ingram began his real estate career in February of 2021. Before working in real estate, Bryan spent more than 20 years in the retail industry. His experience in retail taught him valuable skills that now serve him well in residential real estate.

One of the most impactful skills Bryan learned over the years is how to listen to his clients’ needs and find ways to accommodate them. Bryan has first-hand experience sitting on the client-side of the table. He never forgot the process he walked through when he and his wife purchased their first home. And now, he is excited to work with first-time homebuyers, providing insight during what could be an otherwise daunting process.

When Bryan is not working, he loves spending time with his wife, watching movies, and keeping up with Kentucky basketball. Bryan is also a huge Disney fan. (It should come as no surprise that Bryan spent 16 years of his retail career working in Disney stores!) And in addition to all of those things, Bryan enjoys looking into home designs.

The Middle Tennessee community is home to Bryan. He and his wife moved to the Nashville area in 2000. They absolutely love the small-town charm and southern hospitality that Nashville is known for. Now, they can’t imagine living anywhere else, and he shares his love for the community with his real estate clients.

Bryan is passionate about helping people achieve their goals. His past experiences have allowed him to grow his skillset and practice thoroughly listening to his clients. His genuine heart for helping others makes him an excellent fit for real estate and Holloway Home Group.