Nolensville, Tennessee may be widely known for its rolling hills and antique shops, but here at Holloway Home Group, it’s also known for its delicious restaurant options! Delicious cooking, charming scenery, and friendly service are all wrapped up in this small-town setting. Nolensville is a great place to find southern comfort food and genuine southern hospitality.

The town of Nolensville has been growing over the last several years. It’s gained quite a few shopping plazas and restaurant options. Of course, Nolensville has some of the well-known fast-food restaurants for a quick bite to eat in a familiar spot. But the locals know where to go to find some unique favorites. Our team’s familiarity with Nolensville has given us the chance to try out a few of those amazing locations. So, we’ve compiled this list of our favorite places to visit for eats, drinks, and treats in Nolensville, Tennessee.


Mama's Java

Mama’s Java is a locally-owned and operated small business and a quaint Nolensville gem. Their interior decor fits the Nolensville vibe well, pairing an old country-store-like setting with a modern menu. It’s the perfect place to grab a coffee on the run or sit down to enjoy a delicious meal with a friend. Mama’s Java air roasts their own delicious coffee beans, making their coffee unique. They also offer specialty drinks and fun, tasty food items.


Birdie’s Breakfast & Lunch Shop


We highly recommend Birdie’s Breakfast & Lunch Shop to satisfy morning and early afternoon meal cravings. Their vibrant atmosphere compliments their exciting menu offerings. They have meals like Hipster Toast and Custard-Stuffed French Toast (yum!). And no matter what, be sure to save room for a sweet treat after the meal! This venue teamed up with the Bearded Baker for amazing sweets!


Brothers’ Burger Joint


Brothers’ Burger Joint is a fantastic spot to grab a burger! Their Po Boy and bang bang chicken are pretty amazing, and the Jambalaya is our agent Heather’s favorite! (Hungry yet?!) Brothers’ also offers local beers and a full bar, so it’s a great place to grab a drink and watch the game. But on a nice day, we recommend sitting out on the patio to enjoy your meal within the Nolensville atmosphere. 


Outlanders Southern Chicken


Outlanders Southern Chicken is a one-of-kind, lively restaurant serving deliciously large portions. Their fried mac ‘n cheese balls and their chicken tenders are quite a hit! Not only is their food delicious, but their staff and customer service are top-notch. This venue is a fun place to host a casual hangout or enjoy a quick lunch break. 


Martin’s Bar-B-Que


Tennessee residents need to know just where to find a good barbecue restaurant. In Nolensville, Martin’s Bar-B-Que is our go-to pick! While Martin’s now offers several locations in Tennessee, the Nolensville location was their very first restaurant. This tasty restaurant offers whole-hog barbecue, and everything is made fresh daily. This stop is a must for Nolensville barbecue lovers!


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