Selling a home can seem like a daunting process. Many sellers begin to prepare their homes for the market but become overwhelmed and stop. The Holloway Home Group comes alongside their clients, walking them through each step of the home-selling process. In this video, Holloway Home Group Owner Erin Holloway and Listing Coordinator Mariah Drufke discuss the services we provide to our home-selling clients.


1. Holloway Home Group provides a free home evaluation.

A Holloway Home Group agent visits the property and walks through the home. Then, they take the time to speak with the homeowner about comps and a listing price. Afterward, they create a thorough option spreadsheet to present to the seller. This allows the homeowner to choose how they would like to market the home.


2. Holloway Home Group pays for a staging consultation.

Staging is an important part of the home-selling process. Holloway Home Group pays for a stager to visit the home and to compile a list of recommendations. Afterward, the stager, the seller, and the agent will discuss how to make those recommended adjustments.


3. Holloway Home Group schedules an appraiser to come take measurements.

Many times, a seller will take home measurements from the previous listing or the tax records. Those measures are not typically accurate. Instead, Holloway Home Group pays for an appraiser to measure the home.


4. Holloway Home Group schedules another photography, videography, and a follow-up visit by the home stager.

Holloway Home Group schedules the home stager to come back to review the home and add the finishing touches. The home stager will rearrange items or make a few small changes just in time for the photographer and videographer to arrive. Home staging, photography, and videography services happen on the same day so that the home can look its best for photos and video.


5. Holloway Home Group creates a “coming soon” strategy.

The Holloway Home Group team creates a “coming soon” strategy for each new listing. They add the property to the multiple listing system and share the upcoming property with buyers and other agents. While potential buyers cannot walk through the home until it is officially on the market, they can begin to ask questions and get excited about the upcoming listing.


At Holloway Home Group, our client mission is “ALL ABOUT YOU.” We take the time to hear and incorporate our clients’ real estate goals. Then, we use our team’s expertise, resources, and industry contacts to help our clients sell their homes. We are always ready to take on new listings. Please contact our team to learn more about the services we offer.