Whether traveling or moving to a new city, one of the first questions any coffee lover should ask is, “How close is the nearest and/or best cup of coffee?!” Serious coffee drinkers have a knack for seeking out the best blends, lattes, and pour-overs—we should know. That’s why the Holloway Home Group team is sharing our list of some of the best coffee shops in East Nashville.


Cafe Roze

Those who read our other blogs may recognize the name of this quaint cafe. Cafe Roze is an uncomplicated cafe on the corner, serving alcohol, coffee, and delicious meals. Their upscale menu features healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner items, and their trendy atmosphere makes this cozy venue a convenient date spot. From a strong shot of espresso in the morning to a relaxing Maple and Nutmeg Steamer in the evening, Cafe Roze has just the right menu and vibe to earn its place in East Nashville. 


Portland Brew East

Where else can someone order a “Holy Goats Salad” or a “Hippy Meal?” Portland Brew East is one of our team’s East Nashville go-to coffee shops. And while this blog is focusing on coffee, our team can personally recommend their Chai Latte! Their coffee is also delicious and their brick exterior and cozy, two-story interior suits the East Nashville style well.


Frothy Monkey

The gray brick exterior may seem unassuming from the outside, but the inside of Frothy Monkey is full of artsy, funky accents. The coffee and food are as enjoyable as the vibe. This casual cafe serves locally roasted coffee and a full menu, including everything from simple breakfast meals to family-sized dinner options. This delicious coffee shop provides a little taste of the city right from its East Nashville location.


Ugly Mugs East Nashville

Not too many coffee shops offer lattes made with sweetened condensed milk, but Ugly Mugs does! This uniquely named cafe has plenty of unusual items to serve its guests. With drinks like the “Hoodie” and bagel sandwiches named “Argyle Sweater,” they can definitely check the unconventional box on any Nashville coffee-shop-hopping list.


But don’t worry, this tasty stop still offers some common favorites that coffee drinkers may be looking for. Pour-overs, drip coffee, cold brew, and sandwiches (with regular names) are all available on their menu. Tourists and locals alike can enjoy a little coffee fun or a simple cup of joe on the run at the charming Ugly Mugs in East Nashville.


Barista Parlor

This cafe is probably the best option for those who consider themselves coffee connoisseurs. Barista Parlor prides itself on understanding the fine details of all things coffee; they even have a whole blog dedicated to it. Yet beyond their vast knowledge of tasty coffee blends, one of Barista Parlor’s defining features is its physical real estate.


While a bright blue exterior with vivid, red garage doors doesn’t typically scream, “Coffee shop,” it absolutely does for the East Nashville locals. This reputable coffee stop occupies a former auto repair shop in East Nashville, but it’s definitely not a drive-in venue. The garage doors still open, but this time to reveal a large patio space where patrons can sip their favorite roast and enjoy the Nashville scene. And talk about “supporting local” in Nashville—Barista Parlor furniture and art pieces came from local craftsmen and artisans. All of these unique aspects set this coffee shop apart from the rest; it is certainly one to visit while touring East Nashville. 


East Nashville

Coffee is the perfect excuse to meet up in East Nashville. Those who are considering a move to East Nashville or the surrounding Middle Tennessee communities are welcome to pull the coffee card at any time! Our team is always ready and willing to sit down over a good cup of coffee (or chai) and discuss real estate with prospective or current clients.

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