Holloway Home Group owner, Erin Holloway, recently had the opportunity to sit down with Amber Gunn from MidCentury Custom Homes. Amber and her partner Michael have a long history of working in the real estate industry. In 2019, they launched MidCentury Custom Homes, focusing on all of the best aspects of home building. Now, Amber is excited about expanding their company from Austin, Texas to the greater Nashville market. Holloway Home Group is looking forward to partnering with Amber and her company as they offer an excellent real estate product for those looking to build homes in Middle Tennessee


MidCentury Custom Construction


MidCentury Custom Homes began building in the Middle Tennessee area in the last quarter of 2020. They have experienced exponential growth, building many homes within a short time frame. They are best known for their emphasis on structural elements such as 10ft walls, pitched roofs, tongue and groove ceilings, transit windows, wood floors throughout, and windows in every single room. Their homes are a blend of cozy and modern. MidCentury Custom Homes creates comfortable places where families can live, thrive, and entertain.



What Makes MidCentury Custom Homes Unique


MidCentury Custom Homes plans to build in the East Nashville, Brentwood, and Franklin communities. They offer digital, pre-designed plans that they send to potential clients. However, while MidCentury Custom Homes is a semi-custom contractor, they can also build fully custom homes, focusing on the client’s vision for their custom build.


Amber’s detail-oriented work ethic drives her to review all aspects of each lot. She studies typography, the location of each lot, the building parameters, and which direction the lot will face. She also determines which floor plans will work for each piece of land. Additionally, Amber and her team can alter existing floor plans to offer the best custom home for a specific lot.


Holloway Home Group and MidCentury Custom Homes both have a passion to offer excellent services to their clients. Building relationships with clients goes hand-in-hand with building homes. We are excited about this partnership and how together we can provide high-quality, custom homes for prospective home builders and buyers in the Middle Tennessee market.


If you would like to learn more about MidCentury Custom Homes, please reach out to our Holloway Home Group team. We are always available to discuss your options for buying, selling, or building real estate. We also provide in-depth information in our videos and on our blog page, so feel free to use our resources to learn more about real estate. Contact us today so we can help get you the specific answers you are looking for—info@teamhhg.com.