Most buyers know the benefits of having a great real estate team to support them. And if they have had a mortgage in the past, they also know how vital it is to have a reputable lender. But what specific qualities make an agent and a lender stand out from the rest?

What to Look for in a Lender

Buyers should look for a lender who is responsive and informative. The lender should always be willing to communicate with the buyer. Not only is a fast response time vital for buyers who are looking to purchase a new home, but it is also important for ongoing communication. A buyer may occasionally need to ask questions as the transaction is finalized, and eventually, a buyer may want to refinance their home. Buyers should be comfortable with the level of service they receive at the beginning of the process since the relationship with their lender will continue for years to come.


Lenders should also be out-of-the-box thinkers. They should be willing to work with the buyer, providing creative solutions for each client’s unique situation. Throughout the whole relationship, lenders should be excellent listeners, thoroughly understanding their client’s needs.

What to Look for in a Real Estate Agent

A good agent will always listen to the client’s needs first. Skilled agents will then take what their clients are looking for and strategically negotiate on their behalf. The best agents are also great problem solvers. Real estate is chock-full of unique situations and having a passionate problem solver on your side is key. A great real estate team will provide their clients with detailed resources. These tools help their clients make the best decisions about their real estate transactions.

The Magic is Relationship

Best-case scenario, the right lender and real estate agent work together on behalf of the same client to support that client’s transaction. Their working relationship is invaluable in the current fast-paced Middle Tennessee market.

Holloway Home Group proudly partners with several local lenders. Our team has a great relationship with a few lenders who we trust to work closely with our clients. Buyers looking for a great real estate team with connections to great lenders can trust Holloway Home Group with their real estate needs—

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