Selling a home is not as simple as hammering a "for sale" sign into the front yard. If a seller wants to make the best first impression to potential buyers, there are several tasks they will need to complete before listing the home. In this short video, Holloway Home Group Owner Erin Holloway and Listing Coordinator Mariah Drufke talk about the five things a homeowner can do to prepare a home for the market. 


Step 1: Declutter Your House

Sellers need to make sure they declutter the home. Pack up unnecessary items and store them in a garage or storage unit. Potential buyers should see as much open space as possible on the floor, countertops, and walls. Sellers can start with the biggest rooms, where they spend the most time, and work down to the smaller rooms in the house.


Step 2: Do Repairs to the House

A seller should repair cosmetic issues within the home, such as water damage on the ceiling or loose screws in the cabinets.


Step 3: Make Upgrades to the House

One of the most significant upgrades a seller can make is adding fresh paint to the walls. Make sure the paint is a neutral tone, such as gray or white. The seller should also review the flooring and make upgrades where necessary. Holloway Home Group provides a custom list of possible upgrades for their clients’ homes. This list allows the client to see how much more money they could make by doing these upgrades.


Step 4: Curb Appeal

Sellers should make sure their home offers curb appeal. For example, they can replace old bushes or hang a wreath on the front door. Excellent curb appeal includes any elements that create a welcoming first impression to their guests.


Step 5: Clean the House

Sellers should make sure their home remains clean. Whether handling the cleaning on their own or hiring a professional, the sellers should ensure they don’t have unpleasant things like dust bunnies or spider webs visible to potential buyers.

These five simple things can allow a seller to list their home for the highest possible price. And if a seller can do these tasks before listing their home, the selling process typically moves faster. Holloway Home Group is passionate about presenting each home in the best possible light. For more information about how Holloway Home Group’s real estate team serves buyers or sellers, contact us: