Sometimes the best remedy for a long week is to unplug and explore a new hiking trail. And what better place to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature than the gorgeous hiking spots surrounding Middle Tennessee?! The state is widely known for rolling hills and gorgeous countryside. But Middle Tennessee also offers incredible parks, lush greenery, and stunning waterfalls.


Our team has traveled all around Middle Tennessee and explored the impressive natural areas within our community. Many of these areas include beautiful hiking trails, and the best part is—they are roughly just a two-hour drive from Nashville. For those adventure-seekers who want to explore all Tennessee has to offer, these are our top five hiking destinations:

Cummins Falls State Park


Cummins Falls State Park is a beautiful 282-acre park just north of Cookeville, Tennessee. This lovely state park offers Tennessee's eighth largest waterfall, Cummins Falls. The Cummins Falls Trail is a moderate three-mile trail featuring the 75-foot waterfall.


As a side note, we should mention that the park has several safety requirements for visitors. These safety measures include a recommendation that children under five do not visit the waterfall. But overall, as long as there are adventurous hikers in the family, this Middle Tennessee hiking spot is definitely worth the visit!

Greeter Falls


Greeter Falls, located in South Cumberland State Park, is probably our favorite hiking sight! We highly recommend an overnight backpacking trip in the state park. The Greeter Falls waterfall is close to the Alum Gap, which is a great area to set up camp for the night. But, for those who would love the view without the overnight stay, there is also a shorter trail. Both hiking trails offer the gorgeous views of natural greenery and a beautiful stop at Greeter Falls. 

Savage Falls


Savage Falls is also a sight within South Cumberland State Park. This area is close to Palmer, Tennessee. The falls trail is available throughout the year, and hikers of all skill levels are welcome to participate in the hike. For those who are venturing out on an overnight backpacking trip through South Cumberland State Park, Savage Falls should be on the itinerary!

Natchez Trace


The Old Natchez Trace Garrison Creek Loop Trail is about 1.3 miles long and is probably the easiest trail on our list. Fresh air and a lush forest area also encompass the trail. This hiking destination is near Franklin, Tennessee, which makes for a lovely, scenic drive up to the site.

The Lost Spring


As its name suggests, the Lost Spring Trail is a secluded, peaceful hiking trail near Smithville, Tennessee. The view of the lake and light foot traffic allows hikers to take their time and take in the sights for all they’re worth. The trail is about 1.2 miles long and great for all skill levels.


Middle Tennessee has so much to offer to its residents. While many of the Middle Tennessee cities are growing in size and industry, the community preserves beautiful natural areas like these. The five sights we listed above are just the beginning of a list of gorgeous hiking trails and waterfalls in the area. Check out this resource for more incredible hiking destinations around Tennessee. 


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