Home Staging

We’ve all seen those home improvement shows transforming a typical home interior into a magazine-worthy model home. The interior decorators create such stunning spaces that their finished products feel almost unattainable, especially on a tight budget. But actually, a clean and fresh home interior is more achievable than it may seem, and it could make a world of difference when selling a home.

Why Home Staging Matters

Our team has often found that staged homes sell faster and at a higher price than unstaged homes. A buyer’s first impression can make or break their decision to put in an offer. Prospective homebuyers need to be able to envision themselves living in the space and feel their investment is worth the price point. 

Our Staging Guide

When it comes to home staging on a budget, we have a few tricks up our sleeves. We offer these key staging tips to anyone interested in selling their home:


1. Put away clutter!

This is a big one, which is why it is first on our list. Clutter includes items like toys, bags, paperwork, electronics, and personal items (even family photos). A clutter-free home naturally looks more spacious, welcoming, and move-in ready!


2. Repaint and change out the lighting.

Not every homeowner is interested in having a teal bedroom or bright orange bonus room. Repaint all the walls in the house a neutral wall tone, and allow the prospective homebuyers to imagine their own style and decor throughout the home. Similarly, let the lighting add to the welcoming atmosphere. Replace missing or old light bulbs and swap fluorescent light bulbs with soft white lighting. 


3. Use your best decorations and remove extra house plants.

We suggest only keeping up to three art pieces in each room (and remember not to use any personal or family photos). Also, remove excessive house plants that could make the room feel cluttered.


4. Do not use room sprays or candles. 

This one may come as a surprise, but we actually don’t recommend using fragrances in the home. Scented items like candles or room sprays could potentially cause allergy issues. They can also deter a buyer. Everyone has their own opinion on what scents they prefer, so one scent might not appeal to everyone.


5. Deep clean or hire a professional cleaner.

Dirty homes may give prospective buyers the impression that the home has not been well maintained. Make sure the house is thoroughly cleaned from the top of the ceiling fans down to the baseboards. 

Room-by-Room Home Staging Guide

Our team has created a thorough home staging guide with tips for every major room in the house. If you would like a copy of the full guide, send us a quick email at info@teamhhg.com. We would love to share our downloadable staging guide with anyone selling their home.


At Holloway Home Group, we know a clean, well-staged home stands out among comparable homes. Home staging is such an important element in the home-selling process that our team sometimes even covers the cost of home staging consultations for our clients. We work with our trusted staging team, AspirationalSpace, to help homeowners make the best possible presentation to potential buyers.


Whether an agent lists the home or the homeowner lists it as a for-sale-by-owner property, home staging makes a difference. If you’d like to learn more about how to prepare your home for the market or what Holloway Home Group can do to help you get your house ready, reach out to info@teamhhg.com. Our team is passionate about real estate and helping our clients achieve their real estate goals.