Whether buying or selling a home, Holloway Home Group believes that the entire process should be ALL BOUT YOU! We believe our buyers’ and sellers’ goals and overall vision should be the guiding principles in successful real estate transactions. We share our experience and knowledge of the industry, but our clients have the ultimate say. That is why we offer four options to our selling clients. In this video, Holloway Home Group sales agent Gina McClain discusses those options. 

Option 1


Holloway Home Group connects some sellers with investors who are interested in purchasing a client’s home. These investors provide cash offers, creating the fastest way for clients to sell their homes.


Option 2


Sometimes a home requires repairs and upgrades before it appeals to a traditional buyer. But some sellers are not interested in investing their time or money in making those changes. They would prefer to sell the home as-is. In these cases, Holloway Home Group can reposition the home to present it to the right buyer.


Option 3


Holloway Home Group offers a full listing package to sellers who select this option. This package includes a stager who will make suggestions of small things a homeowner can do to make a big impact. 


Option 4


Those who would prefer to sell their home for the highest value should strongly consider option four. In this option, Holloway Home Group offers the full listing package, including a stager who can recommend home repairs and upgrades. We also work with trusted vendors who can complete the upgrades our seller chooses to make. Holloway Home Group will assist the seller every step of the way. 


Resources for Home Sellers


Those who are interested in selling their property can learn more about our full listing package on our blog, “5 Ways Holloway Home Group Helps You Prepare Your Home for the Market.” But, if that time is still a few months or years away, check out “5 Things You Can Do to Prepare Your Home for the Market,” to learn what to do in the time leading up to the sale. Our team is always available to answer questions about real estate. Feel free to reach out to us today—info@teamhhg.com. 


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